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Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

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I feel like it was a really great Christopher novel sadly compressed down to an outline + moral lectures. A story that could really have demonstrated all the stuff it wanted to, but was prevented from doing so by rushed pacing.
If you felt the pacing was rushed, the blame should lie with me rather than with the format. I was very slow getting into the swing of things on this one, and I had a lot of other stuff distracting me during the writing process -- the Forgotten History outline, revisions on Only Superhuman, and my first-ever trip to Seattle for my sister's wedding (I actually e-mailed the manuscript from a hot spot in Seattle Center because the hotel's Internet service was overloaded by a convention or something). So I didn't manage my time very well and didn't get to refine the pacing of things as much as I ideally should have. So it's not the format that's at fault.
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