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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

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If you're a normal human who knows about vampires and wants to hunt them down, why not just tell everyone they exist? Sure, people would not believe you at first and some folks may panic, but in the first place, it's immoral not to let the general public know about a severe public safetly threat in their midst, and the increase in vigilance after all the hooplah dies down could be a huge asset in wiping out the vamps and/or coming to terms with the ones that can be domesticated.

Human beings learn to deal with other threats to public safety ranging from alcoholism to communicable diseases to terrorism. Vampirism would end up being just another threat that society needs to learn to control.
True, but it's worse for the actual hunters because vampires would have civil rights. You can't just lynch people any more. The KKK kind of ruined that for everyone in the 60s just like the Nazis totally ruined genocide.

If your goal is to protect people, going public is the best bet. If your goal is to kill some vampires, you'd best keep it a secret.

There's also the issue of vampire blood being the ultimate panacea. Dying of AIDS? Drink some vampire blood and kill yourself. Cancer? Drink some vampire blood and kill yourself. Persistent vegetative state? Vampire blood. Car accident? Vampire blood. Gunshot wound? Vampire blood.

It's so incredibly easy to turn people into vampires that it'll be the defacto standard treatment for all sorts of life threatening injuries and illnesses if it becomes becomes public.

Worse, it can be used prophylactically. Cops, soldiers, stunt men, extreme athletes, and everyone else in dangerous occupations will be taking their dose of vampire blood every morning before going to work. And they'll be all the safer for it. Eventually people are going to get outraged by children dying needlessly in car accidents and the like and its use will trickle down through the population. It might even be made mandatory as a form of vaccination against lethal trauma.

Eventually vampires will outnumber the mortal population. By by then we'll hopefully have space travel, since vampires can just desiccate themselves and spend centuries flying to alpha centauri without much trouble.

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[edit] Plus the public knowing and dealing with vampires seems like a different type of story than what they want to tell...maybe you should write that...a story about humans and vampires living and working together.
And it could be set in a small town in Louisiana.
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