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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Machine Gun Preacher - free screenin'
The Ides of March - free screenin'

The first two of four free screenings this week...

...Machine Gun Preacher made me feel guilty after watchin' it, in a "what have I done with my life lately?" kind of way, but still well worth checkin' out. Be warned, it does earn its R ratin' for drug use, language, violence, gore & such.

...The Ides of March would have really been better if Aaron Sorkin had written it. But, still, ya can't argue with the cast, and Clooney did put a lot into the movie, with his starrin' role, co-writin' the movie & directin' it.

Tonight, I'll be at the Real Steel screenin' with the Footloose remake scheduled for tomorrow!

And Fireflies in the Garden next week! Still don't know if I'll get a pass for The Thing requel or not....
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