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Re: DS9: A continuation

The second story is called Shallow Rights, this is a smaller story and focuses primarily on Holo. In short this is about the rights of a sentient hologram. If you want to read the remaining chapters, then go to this link

Chapter 1

Inside docking bay 5 Holo was busy repairing the EPS manifold. On DS9 equipment and station components broke down all the time and this kept Holo very busy. There were two other Starfleet officers working with Holo, and these two officers were the reason why Holo wasn't very happy at that moment. He spotted the officers, out of the corner of his eye, repairing the magnetic coil. He realized they were not following his orders. “You’re not following my orders,” he said sharply. “I told you to repair the optic fibres first, and then reconfigure the magnetic coil.”

“I'm reconfiguring the magnetic coil first, it's easier,” said the first Starfleet officer.

“But it's more unreliable, so I'm ordering you to stop reconfiguring the magnetic coil and repair the optic fibres.”

The officer looked almost insulted by Holo’s order. “I don't take orders from holograms.”

“The nerve of him,” said the second Starfleet officer. “He thinks that just because he wears our uniform he can give us orders.”

The officers were acting like Holo was not present, and this really irritated Holo. However he had to bring this situation under control. “As your commanding officer I'll be placing reprimands on your service records for insubordination. If you persist I'll relieve you of duty.”

“You wouldn't,” snarled the second officer.

The first Starfleet officer though had more sense than his colleague to argue with a superior officer. “Take it easy Lombax, he may be a hologram but he does have the power to relieve us of duty.”

Lombax calmed down, he sighed. “Fine... I'll repair the optic fibres first.”

Inwardly Holo was relieved that Lombax had backed down, it was very unpleasant for Holo having these confrontations. Ultimately he knew that the reason for the unpleasantness was because he was a hologram. Most crew members on DS9 did not seem to mind the fact that they were working with a hologram. Yet some crew members seemed to despise working with Holo, and it was these particular crew members who were giving him some grief.

Outside of his job Holo talked to virtually no one, this stemmed from the fact that nearly everyone on board DS9 believed him to be some sort of machine, devoid of a personality and of sentience.


Day 1, 1200 hours

After repairing the EPS conduit in docking bay 5, it was about 1200 hours and Holo headed to the Replimat. Once there he sat down at a empty table, took out some padds and started finishing reports. Holo didn’t eat or drink so there was no real reason for going to the Replimat. The only reason for going there was to meet up with his only friend; Max. In a matter of minutes Max had arrived, he got his lunch from the replicator and came over to Holo.

“Bad morning?” asked Max, while he sat down at the table Holo was working on.

Holo looked weary. “I had to file reprimands for two crew members I was commanding.”

“The usual thing was it?” said Max, while he bolted down lunch, pausing only when he talked to Holo.

Holo nodded. “Insubordination, I've worked on this station for a month now and most of the crew are fine. But some... I think they don't like sentient holograms.”

“Understandable, it can be quite disconcerting at first to realize that sentience can reside in photons and EM fields.”

While Max consumed his lunch with inappropriate speed, Holo noticed Megan entering the Replimat. “Talk about disconcerting, there she is again.”

Max didn’t bother to look at Megan. “Let her be, she doesn't talk with anyone. The least people can do is not to stare at her.”

“She's an ex-Starfleet Intelligence agent, and she always eats on her own, she stands out so much.”

Max disregarded his lunch and looked quite bemused by Holo’s comment. “Look who's talking now about standing out, as I recall you are the only sentient hologram onboard DS9.”

“Very funny,” said Holo.

While Holo and Max were talking they didn’t notice Megan approaching their table. “May I sit here?” asked Megan, she was a holding a small plate which contained her lunch.

“Take a seat,” said Max, gesturing slightly with his left hand.

Holo wasn’t looking at Megan, and he was pretending to read his reports in a haughty manner. He presumed Megan would ignore him like everybody else onboard DS9.

Megan looked slightly annoyed by Holo’s behaviour towards her. “Why are you pretending to read that padd?”

Holo was surprised by such a question, and he glanced up from the padd. “I thought you were going to ignore me.”

“Don't be stupid,” said Megan. “It's not like you don't exist.”

“So you know that Holo is a living being?” inquired Max.

“Of course,” said Megan, she was looking at Max as if he had said something stupid. “I've encountered others of his kind before.”

Something like relief permeated through Holo, here was another person who he could talk to.

The three struck up a conversation and talked for some time...
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