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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Was it me or was David Hasselhoff actually kind-of good in that ep?

And at first, it occurred to me that Juice's cooperation with the cops might be a set-up, akin to what Jax did to Stahl last season. After his panic towards the end, though, I'm not too sure.

There's something I don't get about the "race card" premise that the Sheriff is playing on. Does the MC really care about color? Would they care if Juice had a black father? They have that whole all-black MC in Lodi whom they call brothers - even though they're not SOA, they're still a patch-over. And I highly doubt that happy is Lilly-White either. Sure, there weren't any "brothers" on the wall in the club house as the Sheriff so subtly mentioned before destroying the photos, but I'm thinking the premise to be somewhat flawed in this case. Anyone else think this besides me?
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