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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Henry's Crime, a meta love story/caper movie. An unhappily married man falsely accused of bank robbery goes to prison. Upon release, he conceives the desire to actually rob the bank he didn't attempt to rob. He finds there was a tunnel from the next door theater to the bank (for hiding booze during Prohibition,) and ends up playing Lopatkin in The Cherry Orchard, while falling in love with the Buffalo diva playing the lead.

Henry's "crime" is robbing the bank, stealing the diva's heart and rewriting Chekhov. The outcome of the plot is withheld.

The diva is played as a larger than life bitch-goddess by the redoubtable Vera Farmiga. Peter Stormare is the unconscious Voice of God as director, displaying one of his finest accents. James Caan is the friendly confidence man turned bank robber and Fisher Stevens is the evil safecracker. This is a very droll but emotional (yet ironic) piece. But Trekbbs is forbidden to watch this, under any circumstances, for Henry/Lopatkin is played by Keanu Reeves!
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