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I suppose this will be the thread for episode discussion.

The premiere episode was definitely notable for its entire lack of pretense at plausibility. How can Dexter be sure no cops will show up to investigate the crime? How does Dexter get the blood samples from beneath the wife's fingernails, especially since no one noticed them? Did he go to Virginia and dig her up?

It seems to me the show has increasingly focused on rewriting the character and thematic content, turning it into a simple vicarious enjoyment of vigilante justice, not much more complicated than the Charles Bronson Death Wish movies. Even on that level, the show needs to make Dexter earn our admiration, instead of just letting us "enjoy" kills handed to him by the scriptwriter.

I thought the departure of Clyde Phillips might lead to a radical decrease in the show's quality, and it appears the idea might have been correct.
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