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Re: Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come review thread (SPOILERS)

Some other random thoughts of mine:

Ganz seemed very different than he did in earlier books. He lacked his typical “in control” and survivable nature, but then he wasn’t in as good of a situation by this time in the series. I didn’t expect his story to unfold as it did after we last saw him in Precipice and wish the writers would have taken him a different route.

I loved how Reyes' story unfolded. I just hope we hear more about Desai. Reyes’ moments with Fisher were probably the most touching of the book.

Enjoyed the background given to the Tkon, Defiant and Nimbus III. That said, the Nimbus III scenes didn’t interest me much (though I love STV TFF) and I feel Jetanien’s role has extremely weakened since the series began with his story seeming to have parted ways from the main Vanguard plot.

Amazingly, Pennington and Quinn continue to be the strongest and best developed characters. I say amazing since who would have expected the bar fly and reporter to become so interesting? Far more interesting than Morn and Jake Sisko. I hope Quinn gets a happy ending but I don’t expect it.

We’ve seen Nogura as a strong and decisive leader. Now we see him as a caring leader. Good job helping me to like and respect the character.

Interesting how little the first officer of Vanguard has been developed since this is usually a principle role. I think he was mentioned once in WJC. There are many great characters to this series but I find it striking how forgettable and neglected this character is compared to other trek series.

I continue to dislike the amount of filler betweens lines of dialogue during conversations in Ward’s books. Though there is a lot of insight and thoughts in these paragraphs, I often find myself skipping through this material in an effort to hold a mental picture of the scene in my mind. Though I say this, I still have thoroughly enjoyed everything Ward has written, including his contribution to the NF anthology which I am reading now.
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