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Re: Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come review thread (SPOILERS)

My review:
Calm Before the Storm

This was definitely a “wrapping it up” story filled with the end of some characters with the endgame of others decidedly marked.

For the most part, the book lacked major epic events with the action sequences on the Omari-Ekron and Lovell the only parts that REALLY got my blood going. Though this wasn’t the typical Vanguard thrill ride, What Judgments Come was still filled with excellent story and character interactions that managed to stir my emotions. I’ve enjoyed how every Vanguard novel raises the bar for the next with an astounding cliffhanger. Though WJC didn’t end with one of these jaw-dropping cliffhangers it did thoroughly whet my appetite for the coming series finale.

This book did a great job doing what the episode’s leading up to DS9’s finale did- giving the series a much needed calm before the storm providing fans valuable insights into key characters and leaving them feeling fulfilled for the time they spent in the series.

Top notch story telling. The Vanguard guys have truly made a trek treasure in this series with Ward and Dilmore contributing a shining jewel with What Judgments Come.
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