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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Leroy wrote: View Post
I'd wish they'd realize there are other characters besides Batman to make a cartoon out of. Think of all the superheroes with plenty of great material to work with.
Umm... Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a series that teams Batman up with different DC superheroes every week. They've featured dozens of characters from the famous to the obscure -- even the likes of Kamandi, Detective Chimp, and Bwana Beast have had recurring roles. And Young Justice, which airs right after BB&B, features pretty much the entire DC Universe, with Batman in a supporting role.

They keep headlining cartoons with Batman because that's who the viewing audience wants to see -- because shows starring Batman have been perennially more successful than shows he wasn't in. But they're using that interest in Batman as a means to expose that audience to the whole panoply of DC characters. Which is an entirely sensible way of going about it.

JD wrote: View Post
Is this the same Katana who is one of the nuDCU Birds of Prey (well it probably won't be that version of the character, but you know what I mean)?
Yes, apparently so.

davejames wrote: View Post
Shame there's never been a Nolan-inspired Batman cartoon (softened a bit for the kiddies, obviously).
There has been. The Batman: Gotham Knight direct-to-DVD feature was a series of anime shorts set in the Nolanverse between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (although it had a couple of continuity discrepancies with TDK). And it wasn't softened for the kiddies; it was a pretty hard PG-13.
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