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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

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I just think your theories of absolute certitude regarding these things is unrealistic.
Sigh. "Absolute certitude". That must be the "hidden agenda" I'm always accused of. What's the point of anyone asking questions like "Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?" if the only answer can be "We don't know"?

Of course I'm speculating. We all are. We aren't Sherry Lansing or Rick Berman and we can't know what went on in their heads unless they give an honest answer in an interview. Please note the statement in my sig under every post I make: "(Entire post is personal opinion)". Not sufficient, apparently.

Why are my posts interpreted as "absolute certitude", but everyone else can speculate wildly? Especially when my posts on these types of issues are often distilled from conversations I've had with actors and production people. Is it really essential that we preface every statement made on this board with "perhaps..." or "maybe..."?

Certainly, the several times I heard John de Lancie speak, he said that he had absolutely no expectation that he would be required for a TNG movie. (Probably because he knew that in-house motion pictures aren't written on spec the way that TV episodes are pitched and written.) He was surprised and pleased that they kept inviting him back for TV episodes. Sure, they could have written a Q movie without knowing if John de Lancie would do it, or was available/interested. And he probably would have done it. And his agent probably wouldn't have held Paramount to ransom. But they didn't. So he didn't. And the agent didn't. So what's the point of people asking these questions and us wasting our time throwing up arguments and counter arguments?
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