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After a blood pressure scare in late July and early August, I decided to start moving toward an active lifestyle. A bit over a month ago I started walking, steadily increasing my pace and the length of my walking sessions. At first I just walked at dawn, and later followed that with a walk at dusk. I've been walking two miles at a brisk pace for a couple of weeks now, followed by a mile (also at a brisk pace) at dusk. On Sunday I started doing a third mile in the mornings. This is the first time I've ever taken up a physical discipline, so I'm loving the new strength and toughness I feel. I've noticeably lost weight and may need some new clothes by Christmas. Once I slim down more I'll probably have to switch to jogging, though I'm concerned about my knees there.

The point for me is not to lose weight (though that's an intended side effect), but to maintain an active lifestyle. I anticipate this being a lifelong commitment.
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