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Yeah, the idea that there's only one room on the ship which is "engineering" is silly, which was pretty much my point.

Re: the line which is being used to put antimatter storage on deck 11: "We were most fortunate. Blast damage in decks ten and eleven, minor buckling in the antimatter pods, casualties very light."

I see three, likely independent, bit fo damage listed here.

1) Blast damage on decks 10 & 11
2) Minor buckling of the antimatter pods
3) Light casualties.

There is no indication in that line that the casualties took place on decks 10 and 11 (though SOME may have, not all need have)

And there is no indication in that line that the antimatter pods are on decks 10 and 11.

Now, don't get me wrong. I actually do have a small "buffer storage" facility for antimatter in my own "deck 10" facility. Deck 10, and the saucer's "deck 11" (which is really a crawlspace-like service area, not a full deck) make up the main weapons systems for the ship, as well as the lower sensor package. So, phasers are down here, along with a bank of phaser capacitors. The torpedo launcher subsystem is here, along with the torpedo magazine and, yes, a small hydrogen and antihydrogen storage facility (just enough to charge maybe four torpedoes under normal circumstances... though if he ship goes to an alert status, the amount stored here would be increased, using some form of "safe antimatter plumbing" line to transfer minute quantities back and forth from the main systems)

So, it just so happens that I have antimatter storage on deck 10. But only a MINUTE amount. But I have no problem with the line of dialog meaning that... or with the line of dialog merely being a list of three unrelated bits of information about damage (which I strongly suspect was the intention). In no case does this mean anything beyond what little is actually said, does it?
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