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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 8, part 3

Inside her office, Ezri was busy completing reports. Her concentration was broken when Megan entered the room, Megan was in her Starfleet uniform and she was standing rigidly, waiting for her orders.

Ezri looked up from the laptop she was using. “Sit down please,” she said, briefly gesturing with her hand for Megan to do so.

When Megan had sat down, Ezri continued. “Well Ms Felpes have you decided on what to do with your career?”

“I want to stay onboard DS9; but I'm not sure if there is a relevant posting for me.”

Ezri had a talent for assigning crew members to their posts. “I hear you are skilled at astronomy and physics?” she inquired.

“Yes captain,” replied Megan, nodding a little. “I have four degrees in maths, astronomy, physics and chemistry.”

Ezri frowned slightly. “Hmm... There's a vacant position for head of astronomy; it seems no one wants this job because it is so dull. But there is-”

“I'll take it,” said Megan, she seemed a lot more upbeat. “I've checked up the requirements, and it isn't as dull as you point out. Under that job and given my rank, I would be the chief science officer for this station.”

“Actually lieutenant commander Max is the station's chief science officer and the chief science officer for the Defiant,” said Ezri, correcting Megan. “You'll be reporting to him.”

Megan didn't seem put off at all. “Understood,” she said nodding.

“Dismissed commander,” said Ezri.

Megan walked out of the office and she looked briefly at Kira who had briskly jogged up the steps to the office.

Kira strode into the office, everything about her looked angry and tense. She was seemed almost ready to berate Ezri, when Ezri cut in. “I know what your going to say; you don't trust Megan.”

“No I don't,” said Kira heatedly. “Because I'm not sure whether Megan is guilty or not; but you do and that concerns me.”

Ezri struggled to find the words to reassure Kira. “Despite the investigation being classified and the rumours circulating amongst the crew, I can assure you absolutely that we can trust Megan.”

“But is Megan fit for duty?” asked Kira. “Having spent two years being tortured inside a Cardassian prison, Megan is a very tortured soul and more than likely emotionally troubled, is she even stable enough to be working?”

That observation was way off the mark; Ezri thought Megan seemed quite normal. “I remember quite vividly 24 years ago the young Bajoran major who was second in command of DS9, who was uncomfortable with her post,” she said reminiscently. “I remember her anger, discontent and bitterness and I see the same women standing right in front of me. You want to know what I see?” Kira remained silent, waiting for Ezri's answer. “A wiser, calmer and more contented women; time can be a great healer.”

“It can change nothing sometimes,” pointed out Kira.

“Perhaps,” said Ezri, cocking her head a little to the side as she considered this. “But I see potential in Megan, and ultimately we will see who is right about Megan.”

Ezri then thought about her own life; she knew that she could run DS9 and handle the many responsibilities that came with such a job. But could she rekindle the friendships she once had onboard DS9 eighteen years ago? A sudden idea struck her.

“Nerys,” she said before pausing, as she formulated her apology. “I'm sorry I didn't stay in contact with you, it was my fault. Seventeen years ago I was trying to forget about DS9, and all the people I knew in this place. That was a mistake. DS9 reminded me of Bashir, and I can't forget or act as if he and other people I know of don't exist.” She looked Kira directly in the eyes. “I want to be your friend again.”

Kira continued to look at Ezri without breaking eye contact, there seemed to be understanding, even forgiveness, in Kira's eyes. “It's all right,” she said gently, “you don't have to apologize.”

“Thank you,” said Ezri softly.

“Listen Ezri you wouldn't mind having lunch with me at the Replimat?”

Ezri suddenly felt a lot happier. “I'd love to,” she said.

The two women briefly smiled and Kira then left the office to return to Ops.

At long last Ezri felt that she was finally starting to get to grips with her tattered personal life. More importantly she was beginning to dispel some of her own personal demons.

Note: This is the end of Secrets and Lies. If you want to read this story in a more easier format go to Ad Astra (
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