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Re: DS9: A continuation

This is the last chapter of Secrets and Lies. Feel free to comment on this story.

Chapter 8, part 1

Megan walked down the narrow passageway leading to the detention cells with a heart full of apprehension. After Jack's betrayal, she didn't think she could bear to even look at Jack, but she needed an explanation from him. Jack's betrayal was the greatest agony for her. It was just as terrible as the two years she spent in the Tau Primia prison. She entered the spacious room; directly in front of her was Jack, sitting down inside the detainment cell.

Jack looked bored; though he lifted his head and then stood up as Megan approached his cell. “I didn't think you would come.”

Megan's face was contorted with pain and anger. “For years I turned to you for help,” she mused, “I trusted you. You reassured me that staying in SI was the right thing to do. Was everything you said to me just a lie? Do you even love me?”

Jack looked very wounded at hearing this. “I couldn't tell you that I was a Section 31 agent,” he explained, “I seriously considered leaving Section 31; and you and me leaving SI, so that we could pursue our relationship without all the secrecy. I love you Megan and I sincerely mean it.”

“Then why did you try to frame me?” asked Megan despairingly.

“I was under orders from Section 31, they wanted me to frame you. I'm sorry for what I did,” said Jack imploringly.

Megan refused to accept Jack's answer. “Because of you I was tortured for two years by Gul Bordak,” she hissed, “I suppose you didn't really care what happened to me in that prison.”

Jack's face became very pale; he seemed afraid of Megan's wrath. “That's not true!” he said passionately. “It was terribly painful for me as I watched you suffer on a daily basis!”

“Oh you say that,” said Megan viciously. “It's your way of easing your guilt.”

Jack looked away from Megan and he seemed to have no answer to Megan's remark. He then turned to face Megan again. “I want you to have something.”

“What is it?” asked Megan.

“In my quarters you will find a small subspace communicator, it's hidden inside the replicator. I want you to use it, that's if you want to contact me when I'm back in Section 31.”

There was something rather disturbing in what Jack had said. Megan realised that Jack expected to be free from custody sometime soon. “You seem awfully sure of yourself that you won't be put on trial,” she said coldly.

Jack laughed. “I won't be even going to a trial,” he said jokingly.

Fury flared up inside Megan, the very thought of Jack walking free made her blood boil, and she walked away in disgust.

“Megan don't leave!” implored Jack. “I'm sorry!”

Megan felt the tears well in her eyes, and she turned around to confront Jack. “I never want to see you again!” she said fiercely. “And I want you to ask yourself why you betrayed me, and why you broke my heart!”

She walked out of the room; her face was wet with tears.

“Wait don't go!” said Jack. “Megan!” he called out, but Megan had already left the room.

Megan felt so angry and upset that her vision became blurred. She wasn't aware of other people, and she was oblivious to their staring at her. Megan returned to her quarters, how she arrived there she did not know. Her legs moved automatically and she felt truly detached from her body. Because of Jack, Megan realised that she could never trust people again. Once inside her quarters, Megan flung herself onto the bed and lay there looking up at the ceiling.

For some reason, the face of the person who rescued her from Bordak popped up in her mind. What's he called? she thought. Max, that's it. Max had come by two days ago to visit her, he seemed like a pleasant sort of man. One thing she could not understand was the fact that she felt comfortable talking to Max. But after Jack's attempt to frame her and the rumours that must be circulating around about her, she wondered if Max would ever talk to her again...


Ezri was sleeping in her quarters, when the computer told her that admiral Ross was waiting to talk to her. She stirred, rubbed her eyes, walked over to her desk and activated her laptop mounted on the top. Admiral's Ross's face appeared on the screen. “Admiral Ross,” she acknowledged.

Ross seemed to look just as tired as Ezri. “I'm sorry I had to call you so late in the night. However I need you to transfer Jack Smith immediately off this station and to the star ship Pandora. It will be arriving at this station in thirty minutes time.”

This seemed like a very unusual arrangement to Ezri. “And Jack will be sent to Earth to await a court martial?” she inquired.

“Affirmative,” said Ross.

Ezri though was not happy with Ross's answer, she decided to take a risk and speak her mind. “Despite Jack being a Section 31 agent?” she said almost blandly.

Ross didn't look surprised. “I've checked the personal files, Jack Smith is a Starfleet officer and a member of SI. You must be-”

Ezri wasn't buying this explanation, and she could believe Ross was being so blatantly deceitful. “I'm sorry for interrupting admiral but Jack confessed to being a Section 31 agent. As such this changes everything, I need your reassurance that Jack will be tried for his crimes.”

Again Ross didn't look bothered at Ezri's impertinence. “I can assure you,” said Ross, “that Jack will go to trial. Now I want this conversation classified, and your investigation of Jack Smith to be classified. It would be very bad for Federation/Cardassian relations, if the Cardassians discovered about an attempted assassination of Gul Bordak by a rogue Starfleet officer.”

Ezri could not believe what admiral Ross had ordered her to do. “Why all this secrecy?” she asked angrily, before continuing on. “If Jack was simply a renegade officer, then it would not be Starfleet's fault for the incident on Tau Primia. Classifying this information seems like a... ” She paused, daring to utter the words that summed up the admiral's orders. “Cover-up to me.”

This time Ross looked angry. “You have your orders captain,” said Ross, his voice was full of warning. “Classify this transmission and the investigation; failure to do so and you'll be demoted to the rank of an ensign. Do I make myself clear?”

Ezri backed down, ultimately she could not go against Ross's orders. “Yes admiral,” she said reluctantly. The screen became blank, and Ezri sat there fuming, she knew what was going to happen. When Jack was on board the Pandora, another ship would arrive to collect him. Eventually at some point, Section 31 agents would escort Jack off the ship. Jack would have escaped from justice despite him ultimately being the cause of the Tau Primia incident. Damn Section 31! thought Ezri. They’re starting to really compromise the integrity of Starfleet and the Federation, as well as messing around with my job...
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