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In "The Apple" Scotty refers to the antimatter pods being inert and in reply to this, Kirk tells him to jettison the nacelles if possible; so at the very least, the pods are in the nacelles, but more likely they are the nacelles.
Umm, why jettison inert antimatter pods?

Also, the fact that the pods are called warp drive pods in “The Doomsday Machine” and then “Metamorphosis” indicates that that the Pods (on the shuttlecraft) are related to maneuvering, strongly implies that they are synonymous with the nacelles/propulsion units.
Not really. A warship today might have turbine fuel tanks and diesel fuel tanks, as she resembles a starship in possessing two sets of engines. This in no way suggests that the turbine fuel tanks would actually be located at or even anywhere near the turbines, though. They are just functionally associated.

The starship indeed is full of "pods". But this very fact might prove that the pods are unrelated to each other unless otherwise proven - that a "pod" is an ubiquitous machinery element in a starship and is found in dozens of applications, including warp drive, antimatter storage and ion storm measurements.

What dialogue establishes antimatter tanks on Deck 11?
" We were most fortunate. Blast damage in decks ten and eleven, minor buckling in the antimatter pods, casualties very light."
This describes the damage from the "Errand of Mercy" torpedo attack where all the hits were on the saucer underside where Decks 10 and 11 indeed most likely are to be found. Makes sense if torpedoes are antimatter weapons: they'd need a source of antimatter at that very location, then - and the Klingons would do wisely in targeting that spot!

Maybe a better question to ask of you would be "do you think that there is only one room on the ship which is 'engineering'?"
That'd defeat both the value of the term "Main" Engineering, and the descriptions of Engineering as a maze where fugitives can easily elude and ambush our heroes...

On a warship of today, "engineering" is everywhere. On a starship clearly sectioned into four parts, though, it might indeed be possible that "engineering" is limited to one or three sections, and one section remains free of the paraphernalia.

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