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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

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I think that could apply to the whole cast. After the EntB sequence, the first scene is on the holodeck, which would be a head-scratcher to a person unfamiliar to the series...
That's true, and I've always felt it was a serious mistake not to give a decent establishing shot of the Enterprise-D until quite late in the film. It was an example of the TV producers not being successful enough at breaking their TV habits.

and the crew are already quite familiar with each there's unseen backstory already.
That's true of any story, even with a completely new cast. Look how much backstory "The Cage" had.

But Q's background and his history with the crew are a bit more complicated than just "These guys have served together for years and are friends."

But assuming a new viewer was already familiar with the crew but not the show, what about Khan in TWOK?
That was explained pretty well in the dialogue. First we see Chekov reacting to the name Botany Bay with fear, and that serves to build mystery and suspense for the new viewer. Then Khan shows up and gives the exposition in a rather long speech that fills in the new viewer quite nicely.

Sure, maybe they could've done the same with Q, but I think it would've been more awkward to justify. As I said, the idea behind Q might've been too fanciful for a lot of moviegoers to accept. (Hell, it's too fanciful for me to accept easily.)

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Having him just be a passive pawn of some frivolous superbeing's whims would've been a disservice to the character.
It didn't seem have that effect on Picard. And it wouldn't have to be handled like some of the episodes where Q's playing some kind of game of his making...AGT for example.
You're taking that sentence out of context. I'm saying that, if the specific goal was to bring Captain Kirk into the TNG era, it's preferable to do that by having it be the result of his personal choices than to have it be just a whim of Q's. It gives him more agency in the story that way, and feels less gratuitous.
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