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Well, when actually asked about the location of Engineering, either by Doug Drexler or Mike Okuda, I forget which, Matt Jefferies gave the questioner a weird look and responded "In the Engineering Hull."
Irrelevant, no one's disputing that.

Besides, those are preproduction sketches. Lotsa things changed at this stage.
But in this case nothing changed, pods meant nacelles throughout the series, it's just that the term "nacelle" was also used on occasion to mean the same thing.

P.S. Notice Jefferies sketch says "power pods", if we compare this with the screen used "power nacelles" then we have one more example of identical word usage prefixed to both "pods" and "nacelles".
And it should be noted that some of MJ's Phase II drawings continued to use the "power pod" nomenclature for the nacelles.

I do wonder sometimes though whether any of the reactors-in-hull references would have made it on screen if GR had been around to do rewrites for Season 3.
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