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I'd add Snyder's Dawn of the Dead from 2004, especially the Special Feature with Richard Biggs (Dr Franklin from Babylon 5), in one of his Final Roles, playing a Newscaster. It's clips of him all through the building up of the chaos, extremely spine chilling. It's called "Special Report: Zombie Invasion")

Just pulled it out to make my own pile

Also, the 30 Days of Night Web Series are pretty good. I got all the pieces off Comcast On Demand and burned a DVD of both Series

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, Hitchcock's Rope is really chilling, and has an innovative Filming Technique, where it looks like it's all shot, non-stop, 1 reel, no skipping from one room into the next, unless the camera walks there, I believe.

The Ruins is awesome too, may pull that one out as well.

And of course, there'll be some Romero Zombie Movies (Maybe all of them except Land of the Dead, unless we replaced it?)

Oh, and Carnival of Lost Souls too, maybe
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