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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

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Or, dump the Nexus and have Q bring Kirk into the TNG timeline.
Too much backstory that would've needed to be explained to the new viewer. And too arbitrary.
I think that could apply to the whole cast. After the EntB sequence, the first scene is on the holodeck, which would be a head-scratcher to a person unfamiliar to the series, and the crew are already quite familiar with each there's unseen backstory already. But assuming a new viewer was already familiar with the crew but not the show, what about Khan in TWOK? For GEN, how about Guinan? People unfamiliar with TNG probably thought hey, there's Whoopi, she's... a "psychic" bartender who ends up in the nexus (voluntarily) telling Picard all about it! Uh, what?

TNG was a very popular series so the movies definitely relied on some audience familiarity with the series, and most if not all would have known about Q.

And I don't think it gets any more arbitrary than the Nexus...

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Having him just be a passive pawn of some frivolous superbeing's whims would've been a disservice to the character.
It didn't seem have that effect on Picard. And it wouldn't have to be handled like some of the episodes where Q's playing some kind of game of his making...AGT for example.

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Because Q really isn't a villain.
No he isn't. I don't think it's necessary that he would have to be the villain to be in a TNG film. In fact, there are many TNG episodes that don't have a villain at all.

Why must a movie have a villain?
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