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Re: 10 new episodes of Arrested Development coming before the movie

Chaos Descending wrote: View Post
I don't know about you, but TPM/AOTC/ROTS did not make me enjoy ANH or ESB any less.
Absolutely. And I don't think it did for most people either. Even for those disappointed in the prequels. they were just VERY disappointed in the sequels. That's my point.

I'd rather that they be allowed to try to wow me with some new Arrested Development than to simply give up for fear I might be disappointed.
And that's fair. But, I feel like as time goes on, as we imagine how great it'll be, it can only be a let down. More than a new comedy that isn't funny. Because you KNOW how great it can be...

It's like Fawlty Towers. This many hours and no more. I admire them for it.

Listen, I hope it's fantastic. I'll be watching. But, if more weren't done, I would be just as happy.

Josan wrote: View Post
I can see both sides there but yes, I think I'd rather they attempt it than not.

If only they could get rid of Michael Cera somehow. I can't stand that kid or anything he's in, Arrested Development being an exception obviously.
Yeah... he'll be there.
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