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Re: 10 new episodes of Arrested Development coming before the movie

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im suprised the show lasted as long as it did in the first place.
Hasn't Justin Bieber suffered from enough criticism on the internet without you saying crazy things in his name? Arrested Development was 11,783 times the show that Two and a Half Men is, yet that show gets to run indefinitely for some bizarre reason. So AD deserves another go.

I don't think that this new season, if it gets made, will be able to match up with seasons 1 and 2, but that's largely because those two seasons were so good that I find it hard to imagine any comedy show reaching that level again. But even though they probably wont be able to completely recapture that magic, so long as they can get some of it it will be a worthwhile endeavour. I seriously doubt that they'll screw things up to such an extent that it will damage the legacy of the show, the worst that will happen is that it wont meet people's expectations, which it can't.
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