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At least in TNG-and-later times, they'd come up with the idea of ejecting the warp core (something Voyager did waaaaay too often!) to deal with this. But they never mentioned anything of that sort in TOS. All they ever mentioned was the line repeated a few times here, about "escaping in the main section" (paraphrasing, I can't recall the exact words used).

For those who want the main matter/antimatter reactor, or the fusion reactors (which we KNOW were there, by DDM) to be deep within the hull... how do you deal with the idea of a problem of that nature?
Good point! Here's the most relevant dialogue from "The Savage Curtain"...

SCOTT: I can't explain it, sir, but the matter and antimatter are in red zone proximity.

KIRK: What caused that?

SCOTT: There's no knowing and there's no stopping it either. The shielding is breaking down. I estimate four hours before it goes completely. Four hours before the ship blows up.

KIRK: Scotty, inform Starfleet Command. Disengage nacelles, Jettison if possible. Mister Spock, assist them. Advise and analyze. Scotty? Scotty?

This pretty much cinches that M/A-M fuel is in the nacelles, otherwise there would be no point in disengaging/jettisoning the nacelles [specifically!] to prevent the destruction of the ship?

If the TOS 'E' had a setup like TNG then Kirk should have said something like "disengage reactor, jettison warp core if possible"?
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