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Re: Could you start watching deep space nine from series 3?

Season 2 is my favorite because it feels like the most "diverse" season in the show's history.

Sure, there are a few stinkers, but a very small number (as compared with, say, any season of TNG, which has at least a 15-20% crap ratio, often much higher.)

So many original, interesting, powerful and clever ideas in S2.

There's Bajoran political intrigue off the bat with the "Circle" trilogy. Bajor's politics are revisited later in the season with the terrific and underrated "The Collaborator."

We delve into Garak's past in "The Wire", learn about Odo's past and life under the occupation in the stellar "Necessary Evil", revisit a trio of klassic Klingons in "Blood Oath", visit the new mirror universe for the first (and best) time in DS9's run....and the season also boasts the best Ferengi "comedy" episode (it's only downhill from here!) with "Rules of Acquisition.

The series-spanning "Maquis" arc gets off to a tremendous start with the Maquis two-parter.

And, yes, we finally meet the Dominion - never more frightening - in the epic finale, "The Jem Hadar."

But so many of the seasons run of the mill, standalone episodes are wildly enjoyable, like "Armageddon Game", "Invasive Procedures", "Second Sight", "Tribunal", etc. etc.

I would only really skip:

Melora, Rivals, Sanctuary.

Playing God and Shadowplay are not great, but they're watchable enough.

As much as I really love the series as a whole, the Dominion War came to dominate the show so much that I really missed the earlier seasons, which were weirder, more eclectic, more surprising.

S2 is the only season I ever bought on DVD.

It's not a race. There's no reason why it SHOULDN'T take you "months" to watch a series that spanned seven years. It's not going anywhere.

Enjoy it. Savor it. The show is never quite like it again.
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