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Re: 10 new episodes of Arrested Development coming before the movie

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I don't want to be "that guy", but just let this show be. AD was a great show for the three years it was on. When it was canceled in 2006, they were able to wrap up all the loose ends and plotlines to a satisfying conclusion. I don't know what a continuation could add without it feeling like a cash grab (although considering the extremely cult-like level this show is at, I am dubious how much of a cash grab it could be).
I'll be that guy.

I don't want this. I don't. I just recently rewatched the show. It still fucking works. It's still brilliant.

That said... just the anticipation ALONE means they have to hit it out of the ball park, at the minimum, for people to like it.

Do we remember the Prequels? The 4th Indiana Jones movie? All hotly anticipated projects and all of them let downs for many fans...

I would rather always wish for more, than get more and be like... "oh, sorta lost the magic Hurwitz?"
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