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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

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Yeah, VOY didn't handle him well at all (or DS9 for that matter). Q was a TNG character more than anything because of his chemistry with that crew, particularly Picard.
I think VGR's "Death Wish" was one of the best Q episodes ever. "The Q and the Grey" was a bit sillier, but still interesting, and DeLancie and Mulgrew (close friends in real life) had fantastic chemistry together. The only VGR Q episode that was genuinely a dud was "Q2."

Or, dump the Nexus and have Q bring Kirk into the TNG timeline.
Too much backstory that would've needed to be explained to the new viewer. And too arbitrary. In GEN, Kirk ended up where he did through his own efforts to save lives. He chose to go to the deflector room rather than taking command, and thus got zapped into the Nexus. He chose to leave the Nexus with Picard rather than indulging his fantasies, and thus ended up in the 24th century. He chose to climb back onto that rickety bridge to get the remote, putting himself back in danger so Picard could stop the launch, and thus he sacrificed his life. It was his own positive acts, his repeated choices to put his self-interest aside and take action for the good of others, that drove his arc through the story, and that's a good way to portray him. Having him just be a passive pawn of some frivolous superbeing's whims would've been a disservice to the character.
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