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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

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Easy. You don't write a major motion picture script hoping you can coerce your anticipated main guest star to participate. Since TNG fans would only accept one actor as Q, John de Lancie's agent would have Paramount over a barrel as regards salary.

Paramount: "We want you in the next movie."

Agent: "We need to see the script."

Paramount: "It's not written yet."

Agent: "Get back to us when you have a script."

(Major expense needed, for no guarantees.)


Agent: "We hate it. John's passing."


Agent: "Yes, it'll do. Our price is extremely high, you know."


Agent: "Yes, it'll do. We are very busy, though. Call us in maybe a year or two."

Harve Bennett didn't have this problem with ST II because that script wasn't written in the hope that Ricardo Montalban was available or interested.
Mind you, John De Lancie's resume hardly suggests he's incredibly picky...

I am relieved Q never appeared in the films. I am sure I'm alone amongst TNG fandom, but I don't really like his character at all.
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