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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
Not to mention that the Q/TNG story had come full circle with "All Good Things...", revisiting the Judge Q scenes from "Farpoint".
It was left open in my view. "The trial never ends" "See you out there"

JWD75 wrote: View Post
It's a shame that Voyager felt it necessary to bring him back for a couple of lame and ridiculous episodes.
Yeah, VOY didn't handle him well at all (or DS9 for that matter). Q was a TNG character more than anything because of his chemistry with that crew, particularly Picard.

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
All Good Things would have made for an amazing movie, in my opinion.
Or, dump the Nexus and have Q bring Kirk into the TNG timeline.
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