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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Based on how many things they've told us are coming 'soon', and then the time they arrived, they probably have time to do that series by Halloween. Season 4.1 was coming soon, duty officers are coming soon, a constant stream of weekly features episodes were coming soon about 4 months ago, the DS9 featured series is coming soon, they made a big deal about the Enterprise F, assume that's coming soon, etc.

They hype a lot of stuff, but other than non-functional costume changes to the characters and ships, and non-combat pets, (all of which are available in the C-Store for a nominal fee), actually releasing anything doesn't seem to be much of a priority. My first real experience with a MMO, but they've done an impressive job of going from a well-received game with a lot of momentum to a stalled-out game with frustrated and angry customers in a pretty short window!
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