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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 7, part 3

Ezri stood outside Megan's quarters and she pressed the door chime. There was no answer, and she pressed it again, but there was still no response from Megan. “Computer,” said Ezri, “open the door; authorization Ezri alpha zero five omega nine.”

The door opened and Ezri entered, the first thing her eyes focused on was Megan, who slumped on a chair. Ezri had never seen such a despondent person in her life.

Megan turned to look at Ezri, and anger built up on Megan's face. “Have I been charged yet for a crime I didn't commit?” she asked bitterly.

“Jack confessed; he's being charged for the attempted assassination of Gul Bordak. All charges against you have been dropped.”

Relief broke across Megan's face, and her mouth opened in surprise. “Thank you captain,” she said quietly.

“I'm truly sorry for your ordeal,” said Ezri gently, “if there's anything I can do, just ask.”

Megan remained silent as she considered the offer; her head was bowed down and her hands were resting upon her knees. “I suppose there is one thing you could do for me, and that is to send Starfleet Intelligence a message.” Megan lifted her head to look at Ezri. “Tell my superiors at SI that I'm resigning from my post; I'm through with being a spy.”

“I will,” promised Ezri, “on a different note, what do you plan to do with your Starfleet career?”

“I'm thinking of resigning,” replied Megan, “and travelling back to Earth, to contact my mother.”

Megan went silent, her hands were slightly knocking together, and seemed she was holding back from something. “Captain can I talk to Jack?” asked Megan, it was more than a request, it was more like a plea.

Ezri looked into Megan's eyes while she considered Megan's request. “Of course,” agreed Ezri, “if you feel that's the right thing to do... Jack is in detainment next to the chief of security's office.”

Megan closed her eyes and breathed out deeply. “Thank you,” she said.

With nothing more to say, Ezri decided to give Megan some privacy, and she left the room. She would never forget the pain in Megan's eyes. Ezri sincerely hoped that she would never suffer from the kind of ordeal that Megan went through.
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