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Re: DS9: A continuation

Here is chapter 7, part 1.

Inside the security office, Ezri and Odo were summarizing what they had found out from questioning Jack and Megan. Ezri was sitting down, looking thoughtful, while Odo was at his desk reading security reports.

“We have two suspects,” said Ezri, her voice musing. “They both accuse each other, and without concrete evidence, there's no way to tell who is telling the truth.”

Ezri felt stumped; she was a captain not a detective.

“Maybe,” commented Odo, and he then looked up from the reports. “But what are our suspect's motives for attempting to assassinate Bordak? We know that Starfleet Intelligence ordered Megan and Jack to survey the prison. Now why would Megan, or Jack, completely compromise the mission and attempt to assassinate Bordak?”

“They could be working for another intelligence agency,” said Ezri, “an agency who wanted Bordak killed... perhaps the Cardassians wanted to bump off Bordak?”

“Or maybe the Federation?” suggested Odo.

“I know what you are thinking,” said Ezri, “you think that one of our suspects was working with Section 31.”

Odo nodded in agreement. “It would be the sort of operation that Section 31 carries out. It is a simple assassination, and Bordak is a direct threat to Garak's hold on power.”

Ezri teased out Odo's reasoning. “Given Section 31's known activities they could be supporting Garak, for their own twisted reasons... Assuming that Megan and Jack are Section 31 agents. But we still haven't found any evidence to prove this assumption.”

Inspiration lit up in Odo's eyes. “Section 31 may try to contact their agent; they have probably already done so.”

For the first time, Ezri felt this investigation was going somewhere; they had made a small breakthrough. “So all we need to find is evidence of a secret transmission. But tracking down who received this transmission is going to be very difficult.”

Odo's eyes gleamed. “But not impossible.”


Odo waited in the ascending turbo lift, and was busy thinking about his strategy to prove which of his suspect's were guilty. He had a hunch, and like in so many of his investigations, his hunches often proved correct. When the turbo lift came to a halt, he walked out and onto to Ops. He then headed over to Max who was working on the science consoles.

When Odo was nearby did Max look up. “Constable do you need anything?”

“I need a record for the last seven day's worth of transmissions received and transmitted from this station, for all frequencies and band-widths.”

Max stood up and went over to the master control console for DS9's computer. “The transmissions records will be stored in the primary memory banks of this station's computer,” he said, while his fingers punched in the relevant commands. “Nog have you got a memory decompiler?”

“What for?” came Nog's voice from below Max, who was rummaging in his toolbox. Nog closed the toolbox and he climbed up the ladder, carrying with him the toolbox, and walked over to Max.

“I need to download the last seven day's worth of transmissions sent from this station,” Max told Nog.

“Give me a second,” said Nog, as he opened the toolbox to find the necessary tool.
“Here you go.” Nog passed to Max a memory decompiler.

“What type of transmission are you searching for?” asked Nog.

Max was concentrating on the screen above the console. “Ask Odo.”

Odo explained to Nog what he was searching for. “I'm looking for transmissions which were sent to Megan's and Jack's quarters. Plus any transmissions sent from Megan and Jack.”

When Max had finished on the console he was using and returned to his station, Nog followed him. As he worked the science consoles, Max then explained to Odo what he was doing. “I'm running a fractal algorithm to correlate all known transmissions that feature Megan and Jack's names, plus surnames. This shouldn't take to long.”

Max stared at the information flashing before his eyes. “Nothing,” he said disappointedly.

“Try a message-to-destination algorithm,” suggested Nog.

“Okay,” replied Max, inputting the new commands. “Megan and Jack's quarters have only one console to receive transmissions; again nothing.”

Max looked stumped, but Odo was not about to give up this easily. “Have there been any communications outside of the usual subspace bandwidths?” he asked.

“About fourteen,” said Max, “all of which are Ferengi subspace bandwidths.”

“Quark...” growled Odo. “But are there any anomalous communications?”

Before Max could reply, Nog answered Odo's question. “We're going about this the wrong way; let us assume these transmissions are disguised as fluctuations of natural background radiation. The first way of disguising a sub-space transmission is to set it's frequency just out of phase to the background radiation in the universe.”

“That can't have happened,” said Max confidently, “I have this computer program where the station's sensors are monitoring the background radiation. The station's sensors would have detected the signal, since it would be slightly out of phase to the background radiation.”

It was Nog's turn to look stumped. “Beats me,” he said, “how many other ways can you disguise a sub-space message?”

“Particle harmonics...” said Max, his gaze losing focus.

“Which are?” asked Odo, and he didn't have a clue what Max had said as he was not a scientist.

Max jerked out of his trance. “Every atom has electrons which conform to standard orbits,” he explained, “though you can't exactly fix their position, you can generally determine it. So you get an energy field, which fluctuates at a constant oscillatory rate; this is electron orbit harmonization.”

This did not make much sense to Odo. “How does that help us to find a disguised transmission?” he said, slightly impatiently.

“If the harmonics were altered then the transmission would mimic the electron orbit harmonization. This would briefly excite the electrons and cause energy fluctuations.”

Max's hands flew over the console, which he was using. “Now going over the records there has only been one source of these energy fluctuations, due to the resonance of harmonics, and that is in Jack's quarters. This has happened twice over the last two days, so he has received two transmissions.”

Max looked rather smug about his discovery. “Interestingly, the harmonics have periodically reversed; which means Jack or whoever it was sent a transmission to someone.”

Max's smug look faded. “Unfortunately, I can't analyze the transmission's contents, since the transmission was a live feed. Each change in the harmonics produces each consecutive part of the transmission. So the transmission cannot be recorded and stored.”

Max removed a padd from a compartment, below his workstation, and compiled all the relevant data concerning the transmissions. He then handed the padd to Odo. “Here is all the data concerning the transmissions.”

“Thank you,” said Odo.

He returned to the turbo lift, with the padd clutched firmly in his right hand. “Promenade,” he told the computer the moment he stepped foot into the lift.

The doors closed and with a little jolt the turbo lift descended. Once more Odo was deep in thought and he realised Jack was the Section 31 agent. While the evidence was not enough to charge Jack with the attempted assassination of Gul Bordak, it was good enough in Odo's eyes to show that Jack was guilty.

It was thanks to Max that Odo had made this breakthrough. Though Odo had no real opinion of Max, but he did think perhaps Max was somewhat naive and a little green. Still he seemed like a decent person, though that could not be said of Jack however...
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