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Re: VOY getting a remaster to HD possibility within 5 years?

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With the official announcement on September 28, 2011 of the TNG series being remastered to HD from 25,000 reels of film what are the chances of VOY being remastered to HD in a similar way (from the original camera negative) say in the next 5 years?
The viewing audience of VOY was miniscule when compared to TNG. Don't hold your breath.
This, basically. However, the TV ratings don't mean much. The DVD sales are all that matters, and VOY sells a comparable fraction of DVD sets to TNG. It's a pretty simple equation for CBS really. Presumably after TOS and TNG Blu-rays are released they will have an equation for how many people re-buy the Blu-ray sets after they already own the DVD. It's probably like a third or something. If the cost of producing the sets is less than the calculated profit, they'll produce them. If it's greater, they won't.

I'd say, given Trek's longevity, that it wouldn't be totally surprising if they went ahead with DS9 and VOY blu-rays.
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