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TNG Character Showdown: Klingon Belly Laughs The Exciting Conclusion!

Hello there everyone, after 12 contests, 6 polls and hundreds of hilarious captions and photoshops! We have arrived at the final thread for the Character Caption Showdown!

First off before we get into things I would like to thank everyone for coming along for this while I did something a little different with the caption contests. Since taking the reigns of the TNG and DS9 contests, there has been such amazing creativity and humor consistently every single contest! So in case I don't make it clear enough, you all are wonderful!

I decided to do these polls and prizes to try to give something back to all of you as a thank you for the great contributions and the laughs that have made life more funny for me and everyone who participates and/or reads the threads.

So again, thanks to everyone!

Here we go....

Our First Finalist, coming to us from the very first contest of our Character Caption Contests is...

TigerOfDarkness wrote: View Post

The photocopier failed to meet the demand for signed photos...

Our Second Finalist comes to us by way of the William T. Riker contest....

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

RIKER: Thats the third car that passed us by. Looks like you're gonna have to lose the top.

Our third finalist comes to us from the Worf contest and is one of the most heavily captioned pictures ever!

The Badger wrote: View Post

Kindly part your legs by two percent. No. That is too far. Back again...back...the other way... just a tiny bit more....there! Keep exactly like that. I know it is inconvenient Keiko, but it's the only way I can get a good cell phone signal.
Last, but not least, the final finalist comes to us from the Pulaski contest...

Smellincoffee wrote: View Post

Data: Your opinion, doctor?
Pulaski: He's dead.
Miles: *awkward glance* Shouldn't you give him a run-over with a medical tricorder, at least?
Pulaski: Look, he's missing half his chest. The man is dead, OK? Enterprise, beam me back.
Wesley, with a deep sigh: I miss Mom.
LaForge: We all do, kid...
There they are! Congrats to our finalists and to everyone who has participated in the TNG Character Caption Contests and the Showdown! Please go forth and vote!
Many thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

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