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Re: Mass, volume, and Warpdrive question.

Ok, when I say proton mass, I don't mean proton particles, I'm thinking something akin to a proton star. Something maybe 6 inches in diameter and with the mass of a star because it's just protons(and maybe some neutrons to keep it from flying apart). It's small enough to fit in a suitcase, but will seriously mess up a planet if someone warps one into the neighbourhood. If warp drive can do that, then warp drive is an "I win card" for the first person to find a proton mass. I was looking for some rules for warp drive that vaguely agreed with real world physics that wasn't addressed in an episode or movie. What I've come up with is:

1: Gravity complicates warp fields, but competent engineering can over come it.
2: Mass will make a ship sluggish and unresponsive even if you have the throttle wide open but you can still reach speeds that break the fabric of time, so be prepared to back up and get a run at it.
3: Just because a proton mass fits inside a warp bubble, doesn't mean you can make the extra mass move.

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