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Re: 10 new episodes of Arrested Development coming before the movie

Definitely a top 5 comedy show for me, including the third season (which many people seem to thin is subpar, I'm just not one of them). I'm with Geck about being concerned about the legacy. While I wasn't happy it was cancelled, that was a long time ago and I worry about them recapturing the magic.

Also the idea of this short "season" being made up of episodes that mostly focus on one character seems to miss the excellent ensemble aspect of the show for me. And of course, there's always the fear of them not being able to pull off a 90 minute film. The show had a fast pace and a definite rhythm, and while I'm certain it's possible to do that in a film, I am doubtful.

All that said, I hope for the best and no matter how it turns out, it can't affect my love for the original show.
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