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Re: Mass, volume, and Warpdrive question.

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How do you know how fast the camera is traveling at when it is not "pacing" the Enterprise since you've got no reference point like a planet or starbase?

Agreed, how do you know?
The speeds that can be derived from those specific camera motions, absent of planet or starbase is any speed from stationary to somewhere less than the stated speed of the ship in dialogue to allow the ship to fly by.

If you pick zero or stationary, then are you ignoring the dialogue if they say they are going at "warp speed"?
Nope, not at all, just not reading anything into it. So, how do you know?

To put it a different way, in the traditional shot of Enterprise zipping past, do you think the VFX people:

A) thought "ok, lets have the ship go by at warp 8 and imagine the camera is pacing at warp 7.999999999 so the ship appears to move by really fast while still being visible".


B) thought " we need a shot of the ship moving past the camera, we can speed up or slow the shot down as necessary to represent different speeds"
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