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Re: Mass, volume, and Warpdrive question.

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@CLB - I believe Sojourner is speaking of the exterior VFX shots where we see the Enterprise zip by, not shots from the interior looking at the viewing screen.
I know... but if you look at what I said, I applied the same rule to "what they see on the main viewer" and "what we see on our TV screens."

It would be remarkably uninformative to see clouds of tiny dots, occasionally with one flashing bright before disappearing, when seeing a DS9 "dominion war" battle, from the audience's standpoint.

What we, as the audience, see is, as far as I'm concerned, not intended to be a scientifically accurate representation of "what's really happening," but rather an "iconified" representation to let us see what's happening in a way that's a lot easier for the casual viewer to grasp.

This is why dialog will say "ten million kilometers" when the defiant is practically brushing hulls with its target on-screen. The "reality" is that the defiant is doing what we see, in terms of maneuvering and firing, but it would be an infinitesimally small pinprick if we saw everything "in-scale."

WE ARE SEEING A REPRESENTATION, just like the "real people" on those "real ships" would be seeing a representation on their viewscreens.

Make sense?
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