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Re: Mass, volume, and Warpdrive question.

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And as I said, warp drive isn't a form of thrust. The ship isn't accelerated at all; it's standing still in a piece of the universe that's being relocated.
Granted the warp itself isn't a form of thrust, the ship is using thrust to accelerate and maneuver in TOS. Ditto again in "The Voyage Home" with the BOP.

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In TOS, there isn't anything specific to mass or volume and warp speed. But, warp drive is affected by large masses/gravity. The times we see the Enterprise go to Warp inside a star system, her "actual" speed is alot slower than if she was flying between star systems. The effect is seen the greatest in "The Voyage Home" where at Warp 2, the Klingon BOP is no where near the speed of light as it breaks orbit. (So in TOS at least, warping into a planet would make the ship slower than light by the time she impacted.)
^I don't know why you'd think warp drive would be slower near a massive body. There's nothing in canon to suggest that.
Actually there is evidence in canon. Your next statement below makes that very clear since you're calling it "artistic license" to discount it.

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As for the differences in apparent "speed" you're describing, that's just artistic license and can't be taken literally.
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