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VOTE! VOY Avatar Contest: Maneuvers

Time to vote...thanks to all those that entered, Here;

Vote for 1 in each and voting will end in 4 days.

Episode: Maneuvers
Kazon Nistrim board Voyager and steal a transporter module in an attempt to unite the Kazon sects.

VOY Theme: 7 Of 9
Anything having to do with our favorite former Borg Drone. As chosen by Orac.

Random: Phwoar!
I had never heard this before so I looked it up; Acknowledgement that a person is extemely 'fit' (as in good-looking). As chosen by Orac. I am guessing just sexy people?

Winners will get...

The Golden Seven Of Nine designed by Gary7.

The episode winner will host the next contest and the theme winners will pick themes for the categories they won in.

(I am trying something different...hopefully it will turn out right.)

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