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Re: Does it make me a bad person, if I agree with Brannon Braga?

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I liked Kes... but I came to love Seven. I was sorry to see Kes go, but can't find it in my heart to regret Seven's arrival EVEN though it diluted the presence of my other fav female... B'Elanna Torres.
I didn't find B'Elanna got diluted at all.
She was the only character besides Tom that didn't require Seven to improve her stories. Most if not all of B'Elanna's eps. don't have Seven in them or little to no interaction between them. Roxanne Dawson is the only actor not up-staged by having Seven around. She carried her eps. all her own. It kinda tells me the writers felt B'Elanna was one of the few characters on the show that could hold their own and Dawson was equally as strong an actress as Ryan & Mulgrew.
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