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Re: Does it make me a bad person, if I agree with Brannon Braga?

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I agree that Seven really was a great addition. Possibly the greatest cast addition to any show I can remember. However, Kes had so much more to offer. Don't know why they had to get rid of her. Idiot should've tossed Kim. I don't care what poll had him in the top ten. How many women have ever STOPPED watching a show because some supposedly hot character left? Seriously? Perhaps if it was some kind of pivotal character, but even then, we're far less likely to stop watching and lord knows it's not as if he was gaining any viewers.
Are you kidding?

Law & Order
Valerie's Family
Spin City
....and most recently "2 and a 1/2 Men's" future is in question without Charlie Sheen.

There are PLENTY of examples of shows that suffered ratings declines and issues due cast members leaving. It was one of the the main reason the creators of LOST couldn't kill off Jack, who was supposed to die first season.
There are more folks too consider other than women when thinking of getting rid of Garret Wang. Wang is the first Asian actor to be the the main cast of a Trek series. Having Wang in PEOPLE magazine not only has the potential to bring in women but the growing Asian American community as well. It's potentially more controversial to fire an ethnic actor on a show that's supposed to promote equality than it is to swap out one blonde hair, blue eyed actress for another.
So you mean that Kes was dumped because the actress wasn't Asian or from some other ethnic minority?

Looks like pure racism to me.

Or just another way to justify the rude and unnecessary firing of an actress and the dumping of a great character.
Only someone that doesn't understand diversity or racism would call it such.

Voyager had 4 actors in the main cast that are White American, 1 African American, 1 Asian American & 2 Latino American's. The White American actors are still in the minority. Swapping out Seven for Kes doesn't change that, so the show is still racially diverse and not racist.

If the majority of the audience understands the need on the show for a character like Seven, the producers knew they didn't have the budget to for 10 cast members. Then letting someone from the cast go wasn't unnecessary, it was required for show to continue. It's simple economics.
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