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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

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Some new figures have been announced. However, they're mostly repaints or re-releases:

-Enemies of the first Doctor set. With Tenth Planet Cybermen, Roboman (Who looks kitbashed from various Doctors) and Daleks Masterplan Dalek:

Invasion of Time Sontaran set, with Stor and IOT Leela:

Bearded Doctor in regular outfit, Toy soldier from Night Terrors, Two damaged Cybermen from Closing time and Cybermats: (Bottom of page)
With the exception of Stor and Leela, they're easy misses for me.

Re-released 10th Planet Cyb and a re-released Dalek with cheesey orange plastic to simulate a flamethrower? Bah! Not worth it for the Roboman (which I wouldn't want anyhow).

New series figures... variants and re-paints. Again, bah!

The original Leela release a few months ago was so flawed regarding QC issues that retailers had to discount them immediately. The two Sontaran sets were a Sonataran, a re-release of either the Third or Fourth Doctor and a big silver golf ball that opened up to reveal... a space so small the figure didn't even fit inside.

The toy line went from stellar to crap incredibly fast. Pretty much every collector I know has largely stopped collecting and I don't blame them.

However, since they're releasing Leela (a variant on a figure just released) with a Sontaran (that doesn't come with a big plastic ball of crap) I'll bite. This time.

But actually, CO's slipping standards have done my bank account a large favour. And they may do it another one as I'm thinking off selling of my entire collection except for one of each Doctor.
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