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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 6, part 3

Outside of Megan's quarters, Ezri and Odo stopped.

“This will be interesting,” said Odo, as he tapped the door chime.

“Enter!” said Megan quietly in a subdued way.

Ezri and Odo walked in, and Ezri saw Megan lying on a sofa.

The sofa was next to a window that looked out towards the outer layers of the station. Megan had been clearly crying, and her face looked blotchy.

Ezri sat down on a sofa; her expression slightly more gentle, whereas she noticed Odo maintained his rigid stance. She decided that she would be less forceful in the way she asked Megan questions. “I'd like to ask some more questions concerning what happened when you were surveying the Tau Primia prison.”

“I'd told you what happened,” replied Megan angrily, she wasn't looking at Ezri or Odo. “Jack and I were detected by the Cardassians!”

Odo looked angrily at Megan. “You forgot to mention that either you or Jack tried to assassinate Bordak!”

Something seemed to change in Megan's face, she looked almost wretched. She stood up and placed a shaking hand to her forehead, as if trying to steady herself, her hand lowered. “I couldn't believe what Jack did,” she whispered.

“Why didn't you tell us that Jack tried to assassinate Bordak?” said Ezri, an edge to her voice.

Tears welled in Megan's eyes. “Because...” Megan paused and she sat back down upon the sofa and bowed her head slightly. “Because I was trying to convince myself that Jack didn't assassinate Bordak. You don't know how much despair and pain I've suffered from in that prison. It was so bad I forgot who I was. The past seemed meaningless...”

There was anger and self-disgust in Megan's voice, and she continued to stare at the floor. “The truth is I can barely recall the moment Jack tried to assassinate Bordak. In a way, I was trying to protect Jack, it was so stupid!” Megan lifted her head to look at Ezri, despair was all over Megan's face. “Jack and I were more than friends, we were... lovers. I should have told you the truth immediately, but I couldn't...”

Megan hung her head in shame.

Odo's expression though didn't soften. “Then you were an accessory to attempted murder,” he said harshly.

Tears were now pouring from Megan's eyes, and she nodded in a miserable way.

Ezri continued to question Megan. “I want to ask you again why a neural depolarizor was found in your brain.”

“I told you; I don't know why!” said Megan loudly, she looked trapped.

“Section 31 agents have neural depolarizors implanted inside their brains,” explained Odo. “Why else would a neural depolarizor be planted inside your brain?”

“I'm not an agent of this Section 31!” exclaimed Megan, she sounded desperate. “I told you; I don't even know what Section 31 is!”

Ezri decided to risk it and explain to Megan about Section 31 as Megan had to know. “Section 31 is a secret spy organization,” explained Ezri, “and it is part of the Federation, it carries out all sorts of missions designed to safeguard the Federation. Personally I think all the evidence shows that you are a Section 31 agent.”

Megan though shook her head but Ezri continued regardless. “Jack has claimed that you tried to assassinate Bordak, is this true?”

However hurt Megan looked, this question seemed to totally shock her “He's framed me!” she whispered in tortured tones.

Ezri kept up the pressure upon Megan. “How do we know you are telling the truth?”

“Please!” pleaded Megan. “I have never disobeyed orders or killed in cold-blood! Jack tried to assassinate Bordak not me!” She then completely broke down in front of Ezri and Odo.

“He's betrayed me,” sobbed Megan, “and now I'm going to be blamed for his crimes and for the consequences of his actions! I always dreamed of leaving that prison...” Megan's face then contorted in anger. “But I didn't expect the person I trusted most to frame me!” she added fiercely.

She leapt off the sofa and Odo moved over to block her. “I'm going to kill that bastard!” shouted Megan.

Odo though restrained Megan and she struggled hard. “You'll do no such thing,” warned Odo. “Calm down.”

All the fight drained from Megan. She went limp against Odo and Odo backed away; though he still blocked the exit.

“It's hopeless,” said Megan in a quiet and shell-shocked voice. “Jack is going to walk away a free man.”

Ezri decided that Megan had been put through enough. “That will be enough questions for the day,” she told Megan, though she did not seem to hear Ezri.

Megan walked away from both Ezri and Odo completely oblivious to them.

With the questioning over, Ezri thought it was best to leave Megan's quarters and she gestured to Odo to do the same.

When they had left Megan's quarters, Ezri didn't feel at all happy about what she had discovered. “Both our two suspects have each implicated the other for the attempted killing of Gul Bordak!” she said disbelievingly.

Odo however didn't seem all that surprised. “It's what I expected, and there's no way to prove which suspect is guilty. They could both be guilty, for all we know.”

Ezri didn't buy this argument. “But Megan seemed genuinely convinced that Jack betrayed her.”

Odo looked at her as if she had said something really stupid. “She could have been acting up, or she was being sincere, but I just don't know. I’ve afraid captain that I've seen too many sob stories of hardship from criminals to believe in such tales.”

And that's the problem, she thought, do we punish both of them or let them go free? Where is the justice in that?
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