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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 2, part 2

In her office, Ezri was by her desk when both Bashir and Odo came in at the same time. By the looks on Bashir's and Odo's faces, whatever it was they were about to tell her wouldn't be to her liking. “Well what have you found out from the Liberty's survivors?” she demanded.

Odo reported first. “We have two different accounts from the three key Starfleet witnesses: Megan Felpes, Jack Smith and Captain Haydra. Megan's account is that Cardassian guards ambushed her because she had unwittingly been to close to a secret Cardassian base. This snowballed into a chain of events that lead to the attack on the starship Liberty. Jack's account is likewise the same albeit he was captured by the Cardassians.

“Now Captain Haydra has a different account. She says that Megan and Jack were Starfleet Intelligence agents who were spying on Bordak's prison. Apparently SI wanted Megan and Jack to covertly monitor the Tau Primia prison. It seems that Megan and Jack had different ideas though as they tried to assassinate Bordak, why I don't know. After the botched assassination attempt, Megan and Jack were detected, and Cardassian guards attacked Megan and Jack. This caused the chain of events that cumulated into the attack on the Liberty.”

“How does Haydra know that Megan and Jack tried to assassinate Bordak?” asked Ezri.

It was Bashir who answered that question. “According to captain Haydra it was Bordak who made the accusation that Megan and Jack had tried to assassinate him in his prison.”

“Hmm...” said Ezri while frowning. “It could be that Bordak was lying and trying to make up an excuse to attack the Liberty. We do know for certain that Megan and Jack were definitely monitoring that prison...”

“Captain Haydra was very traumatized,” said Odo, “under those conditions, witnesses aren't too reliable...”

“Come on Constable!” said Ezri impatiently. “What have we got here? We have a pair of SI agents who have apparently gone rogue. Both seem too calm and composed, after the ordeal they went through, and more than that Megan and Jack have been lying to us all along! Plus with the discovery of that neural depolarizor in Megan's brain, there seems to be a possibility that the two are Section 31 agents.”

Ezri could see Bashir scrutinizing every part of her reasoning. “If they were Section 31 agents, then being a consummate liar is all part of their job!” added Bashir.

Ezri brushed that aside. “We need to question them again, Odo and I will do so. I'll let you get back to the Infirmary doctor.”

Bashir nodded and left the room.

Ezri turned to face Odo, who looked rather thoughtful. “This time Odo I want answers from those two!” she demanded.

Odo looked at Ezri somewhat disbelievingly. “Captain if they are consummate liars then they won't crack or deviate from their story. It doesn't matter what evidence you throw at them; even if we resorted to torture, they still may not crack...”

“Then let's hope they have a conscience then,” said Ezri and she walked out of the office.

Odo followed her into Ops. “Don't be so naive captain,” he said quietly.

Ezri ignored Odo's jibe and headed to the turbo lift, she was going to get to the bottom of this mystery.


Ezri and Odo came to a stop outside of the door leading to Jack's quarters. Ezri tapped the door chime.

“Come in!” came Jack's voice.

They went through the door, and found Jack who was sitting on a chair.

Ezri pulled up another chair and sat down directly facing Jack, while Odo stood to her left, his arms folded.

Jack seemed quite calm, even relaxed, despite the gravity of Ezri and Odo's appearance.

Like every residence in DS9, the living quarters were dimly lit and the lighting was somewhat uneven. The Cardassian architecture added to the shadows and the darkness. Jack's quarters were surrounded by other residences; as such there were no windows. Since Jack had no possessions his quarters looked empty and very dull, while the grey walls added to the dullness.

There was silence between the three, and it was Ezri who spoke first. “We have some more questions for you; concerning what transpired when you were monitoring the Tau Primia prison.” She briefly nodded to Odo.

Odo started questioning Jack. “According to captain Haydra, Bordak told her that there had been an assassination attempt on his life. You and Megan were the only Starfleet officers in close proximity to the prison. Why didn't you disclose the fact that you are a Starfleet Intelligence agent?”

Jack looked uncomfortable. “I didn’t think such information was relevant.”

Odo glared at Jack. “Is that so? I think it is highly relevant. Perhaps you could explain to me why there was an assassination attempt on Gul Bordak’s life?”

Jack's expression became more serious. “I cannot disclose to you what happened on Tau Primia. ”

“For what reason?” inquired Odo.

“I need to speak to a high ranking member of SI.”

Ezri leaned forwards slightly. “SI has told me that I can question both you and Megan, so you can relay your information to me.”

Jack glanced at Odo. “All right, but not with the shapeshifter.”

Odo scowled briefly at Jack's comment.

“Odo is my chief of security,” said Ezri, “he can be trusted with any information you disclose.”

Jack seemed reassured by that, he breathed in deeply as if bracing himself for the worst. “Both myself and Megan were on a reconnaissance mission surveying the Tau Primia prison. This mission was four days long, and it had been authorized by SI. Everything proceeded according to plan until on the third day the unbelievable happened.” Jack paused, and his eyes seemed a million miles away from were he was. “Megan tried to assassinate Gul Bordak.”

“How?” asked Odo.

“It was a specially designed phaser rifle,” answered Jack who frowned as he concentrated on the details. “Silenced and with a powerful scope. We were less than a a kilometre away from the perimeter of the prison, and both of us knew Bordak's general routine. So on the third day when Bordak came into our line of sight. Right behind my back Megan took out the phaser rifle and fired at Bordak.

“I was watching Bordak at the time and he was stationary talking to some Tren commander. The phaser round would have directly hit Bordak's chest, vaporizing him. But by some miracle Bordak resumed walking and the phaser round missed Bordak by inches. I couldn't believe what had happened, I turned around and saw Megan, holding the rifle, preparing to fire again.”

Jack looked slightly dazed, as if he still could not believe what Megan did. “I stopped her, removing the rifle from her hands. Now I've worked with Megan for years in SI, and what she did completely shocked me. I asked her why she did it but she gave me no explanation for her actions. By then I knew that the Cardassians had detected us and within a minute about ten Cardassian guards beamed over to our position. I was captured but Megan managed to escape, and for the next two years, I rotted in that hell-hole of a prison.”

“An interesting account,” said Ezri, her voice tinged with skepticism. “But you lied to me once, how do I know that your account is true?”

“You could ask Megan,” suggested Jack, “but she will deny everything I told you, and claim that I tried to assassinate Bordak. I'm sorry I wasn't open with you from the very beginning, but I didn't know who to trust. I'm a Starfleet officer and if you can't trust the word of a Starfleet officer who can you trust?”

It was a concise and damning account, though Ezri knew there was no concrete evidence to substantiate Jack's claims. She rose from the chair, the expression on her face didn't give away anything. “I have no more questions to ask of you, for now...”

“Do you Constable?” she asked.

Odo shook his head.

With the questioning over, both Ezri and Odo walked out of the room.

“Captain!” Jack exclaimed.

Ezri turned around to face him.

Jack continued. “When you do find Megan guilty; I hope that she spends the rest of her life in a penal colony so that she can reflect on what she did to me and the fifty other crew members of the Liberty. Because of her actions she condemned us to two years of suffering and anguish.”

Ezri made no comment. When the door to Jack's quarters closed, she looked at Odo. “Do you think he was telling the truth Constable?”

“It was an elaborate account,” said Odo but he didn't sound to convinced. “However there are no means to substantiate it. For we all know, he could have tried to assassinate Bordak.”

She didn't have anything to say to that, and they remained silent as they proceeded to Megan's quarters.
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