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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
I move my icons around to in an ocd manner. I just get rid of them.

I have keep my desktop empty--sometimes completely.
Ha, I know how you feel. The way I use my comp and open programs, I wouldn't be able to have nothing on the desktop (one of the things I like about Win 7, it has more ways to open stuff. I'll probably upgrade eventually). But I keep as little on there as possible, and between it and the quick launch bar, I make sure I have easy access to everything I use frequently.
Also, I cannot tell which is more scifi-ish, your AV (Sukhoi Berkut?) or the wallpaper.
Well, they both are pretty sci-fi, really. The former is actually a fighter from an anime called Yukikaze; here is the pic from which I clipped my avatar: .
Though there certainly is a resemblance to the Berkut, now that you mention it.

The desktop wallpaper is an awesome ship design from one of the more talented 3D modelers at Sadly, I actually haven't seen anything from him in quite some time. Besides the ship in my wallpaper, he also did this insanely cool looking ship (which has also served as my wallpaper previously, and no doubt will do so again one of these days ).
Mike Ram wrote: View Post
After seeing the trailer for TNG-HD, I had to make a desktop of the Enterprise-D:
That's a pretty good shot of the D, but my goodness that's a lot of icons, I would go insane.
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