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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Project: Potemkin has been busy filming the last 16 weekends at the Radium Springs Gardens in Albany, Georgia. But that doesn't mean all our efforts have been focused on this episode.

Our first full-length episode, "The Void," is rapidly approaching completion. There's one act to go for Panel Animation VFX, and there's the music. Steve Gallant is hard at work on the episode. We expect to debut the episode this fall.

Work has begun on the panel animations for "Doctor's Orders" and "Delivery." Both these vignettes will be ready this fall as well, barring any major setbacks.

VFX work for "Miscommunication" is underway with Bob Reed taking on the dreaded flying pyramids of Gaius XI.

Editing has begun on "The Engineer's New Clothes," even though this episode will still need some 2nd Unit videography.

VFX work for "Archway" is being completed by Jon Carling.

Editing will begin soon on "The Devil in the Details" by Director Mario Pagan.

Filming continued on "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" with us filming in the ready room on Thursday, 9/29/11:

Other pics here:

And filming continued on Saturday for this episode as well:

Additional photos can be seen here:

Be sure and check out our FaceBook page for daily updates!

This shoot wrapped the Radium Springs Gardens location. Four more days of shooting, and this episode will be in the can!
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