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Come Join the USS Sarejevo Today!

Greetings! I am Commander Sanaa Cytheria of the USS Sarajevo.

The USS Sarajevo is an Achilles class Starship. She is based in the outskirts of Federation space. Her mission? To keep those who would cause harm away from those who wish to live their peaceful lives within the confines of the Federation.
Currently, the USS Sarajevo has been sent on an undercover mission to stop a group of aliens known as the Banor, who wish to bring havoc in order to enslave and destroy what the Federation has built for all these years. Peace, tranquility and happiness. Can the Sarajevo make it in time before the Banor become too strong for them to defeat? Or will they arrive to the scene only to find disaster?

The age rating for the Sarajevo is 17+ due to mature content. We are a NOVA based simm. And we require at least one post a week. Current positions I am trying to fill are:

Second Officer
Chief of Security/ Tactical
Chief Operations Officer
Chief of Science
Chief of Intelligence

Visit us and sign up today!

Thanks for viewing!
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