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Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

I couldn't find a thread discussing this, so I figured I would see if anybody else is excited about this movie! It looks like a parody of the backwater killer genre in the same vein as Shaun of the Dead.

The premise - it's a movie starring Alan Tudyk and Tayler Labine as two rednecks living in a dilapidated woodland shack who encounter a group of preppy teens. When one of the teens is "abducted" by the two, the rest of the teens make several attempts to try to rescue her during which they inadvertently get themselves killed.

Here is the trailer.

The film's IMDB page lists it as a 2010 release. I wonder if it was held back from general release for some reason.

Given it has an 88% on RT it can't be due to the fear of critical backlash.
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