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Re: What next for Mass Effect?

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I think that after ME3, the franchise will be spun off to another studio (probably a new BioWare offshoot) while BioWare moves on to other projects. Sort of like how Halo shifted from Bungie to 343 Industries, though that was because Bungie was moving on and Microsoft owned the rights to the franchise.
I doubt it, because at this point Bioware has at least 3 studios of its own- Edmonton (where ME is made), Montreal (which is doing some sort of multiplayer thing), and one in Texas, which is where TOR is made. And since EA apparently plans to make Bioware its own division, they may increase the amount of studios they have, making any need to outsource ME unnecessary (and IIRC, the only reason they didn't do KOTOR II was because of some contract thing, which wouldn't apply to ME).
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