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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chaper 5, part 3

Leaving the Mess Hall, Ezri returned to the bridge, she noticed Megan and Bashir sitting by the consoles close to the master systems display. Clearly, Bashir wanted Megan back in the sickbay as soon as humanely possible.

“Chief hail the Tren ship!” ordered Ezri, the moment she sat down on the commander's chair.

“Channel open captain,” said Nog.

On the view screen was Abarzjid and his expression was blank.

Ezri remained in her chair as she spoke to Abarzjid. “Captain Abarzjid I refuse to submit to your demands. This is neutral space, and I see no evidence to indicate that it belongs to the Tren. ”

“Don't be a fool captain!” snarled Abarzjid, his eyes seemed to burn when he was angry.

“Captain,” said Ezri with a small smile. “Let's drop this charade once and for all! You have no Tren reinforcements! The only other Tren ships are scouting the Badlands and elsewhere.” She thought Abarzjid looked slightly surprised. “I do not want to start a war and neither do you. You don't have enough support to start an all out war with the Federation! Now what I want to know is what you've done with the 39 prisoners you are holding Captain!”

It was Abarzjid's turn to smile. “We're carrying no prisoners, your sensors should have picked that up.”

Ezri's voice was light, but there was anger in her eyes. “Our sensors haven't been able to penetrate your ship Captain, which is very convenient, now I have no way of knowing.”

“You can't make any accusation without evidence Captain!” replied Abarzjid who was sneering. “If there's no evidence then I see no problem!”

Ezri stood up to confront Abarzjid now she sounded angry. “Do take heed Captain, the Federation does not tolerate lightly factions who kidnap Federation citizens or Starfleet officers! You have been warned!”

She paused looking briefly at Abarzjid. “Turn the channel off!” she said to Nog. “Mr Weatherby set a course to DS9,warp eight. Chief tell the other ships to follow us.”

As the Defiant lurched slightly as it went into warp Ezri sat back down on her chair. “Here's hoping that the Tren are bluffing,” she said to Megan.

“They're bluffing captain,” said Megan.

“We've past the Tren ship and so have the rest of the fleet,” reported Max, “they're not pursuing or stopping us in anyway captain!”

Max seemed mightily relieved that the standoff was over.

Bashir coughed impatiently at Megan, and she took the hint. “If you don't mind captain, I've got to back to sickbay. I've tried your doctor Bashir's patience for far to long.”

“Agreed,” said Ezri, “she's all yours, Julian.”

“I should think so to,” said Bashir sulkily.

Ezri closed her eyes and felt the comfort of her chair. She had done it; the Defiant was heading back to DS9, she had rescued 1200 prisoners, closed down the Tau Primia prison camp and destroyed the Cardassian ships Gul Bordak commanded. Despite the success of the rescue operation, it came at a high price.

Over a thousand Bajoran officers and 150 Starfleet officers had died, and Gul Bordak was still out there in the Badlands. Though he was exiled from his people, someone had helped him escape, and Ezri had the sneaking suspicion that it was not the Tren who helped Bordak it was someone else. Someone who considered Bordak a valuable asset...


Day 5, 2000 hours

Back on Tau Primia, Bordak was inside Gilsa's shuttlecraft, sitting down on a seat in the cockpit. For a shuttlecraft, the cockpit was quite spacious, with a dull blue coloured interior and sturdy black seats. The regrets and sorrows of Bordak's past still haunted him, though perhaps when he was a Vizorian those regrets and sorrows would vanish.

He heard a compartment door open and swivelled around on the chair to face Gilsa. “Why such a long face Gilsa?” he asked in a taunting manner.

Gilsa looked furious. “If it were me, I would have let the Tren deal with you!” spat Gilsa. “You nearly killed Megan, and you expect me to turn a blind eye?”

“She is alive; that is all you wanted,” replied Bordak, sounding uncaring. “The Tren are gone, and she's safe in the clutches of the interfering Federation. I've kept up my end of the arrangement.”

“You barely kept to the arrangement,” reminded Gilsa while he sat down upon the seat. “Fine I'll take you back to Vizorian space, and I'll arrange for you a new identity and a Kuvi transplant. But I'm warning you VSSOA will be monitoring what you get up to, so you don't try anything stupid...”

Bordak bowed his head mockingly while still facing Gilsa. “Why I thank you for your fairness Gilsa and your honesty. I half expected you to have me arrested on the spot for what I did to Megan.”

“You're getting off slightly Bordak,” warned Gilsa, his hands moving over a console. “But if you ever have the misfortune of meeting me again well... It wouldn't be pretty put it that way,” he added rather fiercely.

Bordak turned round to face the cockpit; he rested his arms against the chair's headrest, grinning to himself. He didn't care how Gilsa felt about his brutal treatment of Megan, she deserved to be punished, and Bordak was certain that he had mentally scarred Megan permanently. She would never be the same again, and she would be forever haunted by his cruelty and sadism.
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